Conservation Commission Meeting, Tuesday July 28, 2020

Open Agenda

Approval of Minutes: 00:06:53

June 23, 2020

Dredge and Fill Applications: 00:08:02

? NHDOT – Dredge and Fill permit to rehabilitate a 90 inch culvert under Boynton Street with a combined permanent and temporary impact of approximately 8,690 sf.

Thomas Hamel 01:01:05

– Review of a variance request to construct a pool 41.8 feet from the edge of a wetland where 50 feet is required at 210 Campbell Rd., Lot 16-8-7.

Circle Dr. Associates 01:13:14

Review of a variance request to fill approximately 2,511 square feet of wetland for new construction where it is not allowed on S. River Rd., Lot 35-98-40

Old Business: 02:29:07

Update on Pulpit Rock Conservation Area trail improvements Update on Pulpit Rock Forest Stewardship Plan

Other Business: 02:30:42

Update on previously reviewed permits and ZBA action The Conservation Commission will elects its officers for 2020-2021