Planning Board Meeting, Monday November 23, 2020

Open Agenda

1. Mary Wiseman(Applicant) Home Occupation Request 00:05:58

Mary & Deborah Ann Wiseman (Owners) Request for approval to operate a personal fitness training business as a Level II Home Occupation at 41 Seabee Street, Lot 45-49, Zoned GR.

2. Seventh Day Adventist Church - Lot Line Adj Req 00:14:25

Request for approval of a lot line adjustment between two parcels at 37 Back River Road and 41 Back River Road, Lots 22-41 and 22-42, Zoned R&A.

3. Bank of New Hampshire Req Site Plan Approval 00:31:59

Request for approval of a site plan to construct a 2,480 square-foot bank with drive-through service facilities and associated site improvements at 32 South River Road and 4 Hull Road, Lots 11-13 and 11-14, Zoned PZ.

Approval of Minutes of Previous Meetings 01:42:26

Communications to the Board 01:44:13