Energy Commission Meeting Thursday January 28, 2021

Open Agenda

APPROVAL OF MINUTES 12-20-20 00:08:31

Committee Reports - Legislative update 00:10:02

Denise Ricciardi 1. HB 315 discussion 2. Clean Energy NH Bill Synopsis A. B.

School Projects 00:34:22

Town Pool PV Shade/Shelter / PW HWY Garage PV Veh 00:36:41

Update from Chris meeting with Dave Gilbert and Jeff Foote

Solsmart 00:48:23

1. A. Start with Bronze level B. Get on Town Council agenda for application

Electricity usage 00:49:32

1. EV charging stations from Bart, Andrew, John A. Updates from Tesla where they will build the station and we can bolt on non Tesla charging stations. i. B.

Municipal Aggregation Cost Analysis / Presentation 00:52:28