Energy Commission Meeting, Thursday May 27, 2021

Open Agenda

Election of Chair and Vice Chair 00:02:52

Approval of Minutes 4/2021 00:04:39

Legislative update – Chris Bandazian 00:05:54

School projects 00:07:37

John Schneller/Bill Foote/Bart Fromuth

Solsmart (Lori/John/Tom) 00:08:40

Electricity usage 00:21:15

EV charging stations from Bart, Andrew, John

Solar Farm at the Transfer Station 00:45:43

1. Letter to Jeanne Shaheen 2. John info from other towns that able to do with <1MW net metering

Town Pool PV Shade/Shelter 00:47:50

Municipal Aggregation Cost Analysis 00:49:11

New Business 00:49:59