Historic District Commission Meeting, Tuesday June 1, 2021

Open Agenda

Call to Order, Roll Call, and Acceptance of Agenda 00:00:00

Election of Officers for 2021-2022 00:06:34

Raenor Lakin (Applicant) & David Clark 00:09:35

Raenor Lakin (Applicant) & David Clark (Owner) – Request for roof-mounted solar array, located at 62 Bedford Center Road, Lot 13-62, Zoned R&A.

Gary and Julia Knowlton (Applicants & Owners) 00:23:51

Gary and Julia Knowlton (Applicants & Owners) – Request for the addition of a screened porch, located at 13 Bell Hill Road, Lot 20-5, Zoned R&A.

Approval of Minutes from Previous Meeting 00:35:11

Communications 00:36:07