Planning Board Meeting, Monday June 14, 2021

Open Agenda

AP 1. Raymond and Nancy Demers 00:02:41

Request for final approval of a subdivision of one lot into three lots located at 501 Route 101, Lot 30-10, Zoned R&A.

AP 2. Nicholas S. Key (Owner & Applicant) 00:46:22

Request for revocation of final Subdivision (Lot Line Adjustment) Approval for 96 and 98 Nashua Road, Lots 27-1 and 27-1-1, Zoned R&A.

AP 3. . Bowman Place of Olde Bedford 00:48:04

Bowman Place of Olde Bedford (Applicant) & Senior Living of Bedford (Owner) – Request for a Conditional Use Permit for a sign located at 24 Old Bedford Road, Lot 10-50-3, Zoned R&A

AP 4. Amber Bedford Associates, LLC 01:04:04

Amber Bedford Associates, LLC (Owner & Applicant) – Request for final site plan approval for a change of use at 10 Iron Horse Drive, Lot 35-13, Zoned PZ.

Approval of Minutes of Previous Meetings 01:27:15

Communications to the Board 01:27:39