Energy Commission Meeting, Thursday September 24, 2020

Open Agenda

Approval of Minutes 00:03:09

8/2020 (posted online)

Resignation of Sarah Braese 00:05:32

Reports of Members and Committees 00:07:40

a. Legislative update – Denise Ricciardi b. School projects – John Schneller

Solsmart 00:26:34

Start with Bronze level

Electricity usage 00:30:01

1. Library big electricity consumer A. DPW has purchased an Eyedro 3 phase energy monitor with web interface at Peter Barbuto set the system up in March to get baseline data during April 2. Tennis Court Lights 3. Electricity Usage Schools (Bill and John) A. School Demand response info. Form signed by BSB.

Solar Farm at the Transfer Station 01:11:51

Municipal Aggregation Cost Analysis 01:12:26

Meeting scheduled with Henry of CENH to educate, and discuss of 9/25 at 8am

LES Conference 01:13:53

Sarah replacement 01:14:52

November and December meeting dates 01:15:21

1. November meeting scheduled Thanksgiving 2. December meeting scheduled for Christmas Eve