Zoning Board of Adjustment Meeting, Tuesday Nov. 17, 2020

Open Agenda

Minutes of September 15, 2020 00:06:47

ER Bedford, LLC 00:08:06

ER Bedford, LLC – Request for an Appeal from an Administrative Decision by the Planning Board on September 14, 2020 to deny the waiver request and site plan for the Market & Main commercial development at 125 S. River Rd., Lots 12-33-1 & 12-33-2, Zoned PZ.

Angel Acevedo 00:25:06

Request for a variance from Article III, Section 275-21.F in order to continue to operate a home occupation plumbing business from a detached garage at 11 Lindahl Rd., Lot 8-11-2, Zoned R&A.

Rebecca Soule 01:00:52

Rebecca Soule – Request for a variance from Article IX, Section 275-73.C in order to renovate a sign less than 10 feet from the front property boundary at 327 New Boston Rd., Lot 8-10, Zoned R&A

Peg Murphy 01:22:13

– Request for a variance from Article III, Section 275-22.A and Table 1 in order to construct a shed 16.4 feet from the front boundary where 35 feet is required and 19.8 feet from the side property boundary where 25 feet is required at 100 Jenkins Rd., Lot 39-43, Zoned R&A.